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Every day Keith meets young men with no purpose or direction in life

As motivational speaker for the youth, Keith’s message takes students on a journey through his own life story – he wanted to “help” his family with their finanical struggles, but he made some bad choices and ended up facing years in prison.  However, he was blessed with an understanding judge and was “set free”.   He has since gotten a degree in Criminal Justice, specializing in Juvenile Delinquency.

Every day, he sees kids who have made wrong choices in life.  Keith connects with the audience through an authentic message and passion for helping those that want to make a change in their lives.

He inspires his audience to take positive steps in their lives by speaking about:

  • making the right life choices
  • following your dreams
  • building inner confidence & a positive outlook
  • inspires you to take postive steps in your life
  • earning money thru legal entrepreneurship
  • setting goals & business planning
  • developing a stronger YOU
  • and much more
Keith is available to speak at Schools, Colleges/Universities, Corporations, Churches, Boys & Girls Clubs, YMCA, Detention Centers, and other Events where our youth need motivation!

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